Gen Z are most receptive to online ads

Anne Freier | September 16, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Gen Z are the most receptive to online ads, according to research by Adobe. By studying 1,200 UK consumers, the latest ‘Across the Generations’ study found that 52% of Gen Z are receptive to ads compared to just 30% among older age groups.

A fifth of respondents are also happy to avoid brands that don’t deliver on promised experiences.

However, baby boomers are happier to hand over their data in exchange for discounts (73%) compared to 47% among Gen Z.

Gen Z are also more easily influenced by what they see online (41%) whilst baby boomers are the least likely to be influenced by online branding and ads (17%).

“As ‘Digital Natives’, Gen Z have developed relationships with brands from a very early age, meaning they’re much more exposed to the data/experience value exchange,” explained Gavin Mee, VP of Northern Europe and Middle East and Africa at Adobe. “But companies can’t take these relationships for granted – if a brand falls short of their high expectations, this data-savvy age group has no problem restricting their data and moving to a competitor that can deliver a personalised, relevant experience.”

When it comes to managing their data preferences online, Gen Z turn out to be the savviest group (33%) compared to older age groups (29%). Gen Z are also happy to exchange their data for exclusive offers and experiences (28%), but they are quick to restrict data if a brand doesn’t deliver on its promises.

“Across all generations, and especially with older age groups, brands need to build trust by being open about how they use personal data, and clear about the added value it enables them to deliver,” Mee concluded.

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