Geenapp launches new tool to help mobile app marketers discover CPI data worldwide

Anne Freier | February 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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How much does an app installation cost globally? In trying to answer this question, mobile app discovery platform, Geenapp, just released its Cost per Install (CPI) calculator, to help marketers monetise their apps more effectively. The tool provides data on app advertising hot spots as well as average install costs by country.
CPI by Geenapp allows app marketers to calculate the average cost per user acquisition. This is often vital information in establishing a marketing plan for an app. The calculator analyses over 300,000 campaigns from 1,000 apps each month to provide a global overview of trends in app advertising, including the top app categories and pricing by country. In addition, users get to generate their own reports, according to their specific data needs, including app category, quality of traffic, country and device.
With CPI, Geenapp hopes to help developers get their apps in front of the right audience and offer new ways to monetise traffic. It features recommendations by monitoring thousands of active ad network offers and categorising them to provide the top offers to publishers. Geenapp uses real-time algorithms and efficient data processing to serve the best available ad offers at the best price.
Gina Tost, CEO of Geenapp, explains:
gina tost

“With all the data that we retrieve daily, we have created a new tool to help developers and agencies promote their Apps. An App can generate revenues using different methods, but you need users to do it. The billion-dollar App market is a global phenomenon and the new battlefield is in App discovery. For developers to succeed they need to have a clear global strategy and understand the value of their users in each market.”

According to the latest data, on average, iOS devices have a CPI that’s almost three-times as high as Android on the iPhone.
CPI average by OS
Canada, Germany, Japan, UK and the US have the highest CPI rates globally.
Average CPI top 10 popular countries
CPIs were highest for the iPhone in Germany at $2.76, followed by Japan. In comparison, iPhone CPIs are relatively low in India at $0.55. Android CPI was surprisingly low in the US, at $0.85, compared to Germany ($1.56).
Top 5 popular countries by device
In addition, the latest global data found that travel and betting apps are generally coming up with a higher CPI. CPI payouts are higher at the start of the month. Android CPI payouts were higher in Germany ($1.56), Japan ($1.47) and Switzerland ($1.38). iOS CPI payouts were higher in Switzerland ($3.25), New Zealand ($3.12) and Finland ($2.90).

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