GameChanger SF wins Best App Video at 2019 App Growth Awards

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Posted: December 16, 2019

Today video is – hands down – the leading channel in digital advertising. With absence of a trial period for mobile apps, video clips are the best way for people to get an idea of what an app is about and see if they like enough to buy. It’s really hard to overstate the importance of conveying an app’s message with a video ad right. At 2019 App Growth Awards the team of the 16 independent judges had to make a touch decision to choose the Best App Video and award the team.

This year the award went to the GameChanger SF team.

Best App Video award is given to anyone who is a master at video for apps. This award is to recognize the best use of it as part of an app marketing campaign either in an app preview or ad creative.

GameChanger SF team at the 2019 App Growth Awards

Other finalists include:

Out sincere congratulations to the GameChanger SF team for crafting such a great app video and running a successful campaign with the ad.

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