Fyber secures $7.9 million in funding to boost mobile programmatic expansion in Europe

German mobile advertising tech company Fyber has secured $7.9 million in funding led by BillFront, the UK digital media financing firm.
Fyber hopes that the move will help the company expand across Europe and adopt new programmatic and real-time bidding ad strategies. At the same time, it marks BillFront’s expansion into Germany where the company plans to partner with solarisBank.
Christopher Vogt, the Co-Founder of BillFront, said that German advertising technology was on a strong growth path.
For Fyber’s CEO, Andreas Bodzcek, BillFront is the right choice due to its record in the ad tech space. He adds:

“We were looking for a flexible and scalable solution that could handle our international invoices, without slowing down or creating additional work for our finance department. With BillFront we feel that we have found the right partner to support our ambitious growth plans.”

The financing package also means that Fyber will be utilising BillFront’s invoice financing platform that lets clients quickly process invoices. BillFront is focused on digital advertising and marketing markets and has ambitions to become a leading financial platform for media in Europe.
Gregor Dimitriou, Co-Founder, BillFront, adds:

“Fyber is one of the leading ad tech platforms for digital publishers and app developers with a global presence, focusing on the fast-growing mobile video advertising segment. This is an important step towards fulfilling our long-term goal of becoming a leading invoice financing provider for the international media and advertising industry.”

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