Fyber launches new demand-facing user interface for improved mobile bidding

Anne Freier | September 29, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Video supply side platform and RTB exchange, Fyber RTB, just rolled out its demand-facing user interface (UI) and enhanced the optimization algorithm for its Queries Per Second (QPS) throttling capabilities to add more transparency and optimization opportunities for DSPs.

“DSPs are seeing enormous volumes of traffic that often is irrelevant, and they end up paying high server costs to sift through this traffic and identify relevant impressions. Our goal is to increase trading efficiency by doing QPS throttling in-house and only sending DSPs relevant traffic that they are likely to bid on based on bid history, their preferences, and other parameters.” said Erwin Plomp, Chief Business Officer at Fyber RTB.

Fyber says that every new feature essentially improves the efficiency and enables DSPs to reduce their server costs.
The RTB has been created to boost buying efficiency and reduce erroneous traffic from multiple exchanges. The unique optimization algorithm that Fyber offers allows for easy filtering of traffic that doesn’t match demand, is suspicious or previously failed to convert.
Fyber also says it expects to release a version 2.0 of its algorithm by the end of the year. Plomp adds:

“Implementing a DSP UI is certainly a key milestone for Fyber RTB. We continuously expand and innovate our platform to ensure high-end operational efficiency between supply and demand. In spite of the fact that Fyber RTB is a supply-side platform (SSP), we wanted to give DSPs a tool to gain full transparency over the performance of their ads and help them make data-driven decisions to improve their buying strategy. That’s the reason why DSP UI was created. We are very excited to see what results our partners will achieve by utilizing the new UI.”

In addition to helping DSPs optimize their bidding strategy, the UI data also helps to identify any issues that could lead to lower win-rates.
In order to drive efficiency, the interface is being optimized for mobile and reports are easily shareable between team members.

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