Fyber announces new mediation tools for mobile developers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 22, 2016

Fyber Official Logo
Fyber, the mobile SSP provider, has been working hard to build a mediation platform for mobile developers which offers access to ad networks worldwide, whilst providing a variety of ad formats and tools to monetise.
Following the firm’s acquisition of Heyzap, it’s been trying to establish a unified platform. Now, as  result of the merger, Fyber has rolled out Banner Mediation, which can be integrated into any app to monetise all users for a more universal ad format.
Fyber announces Banner Mediation
Source: blog.fyber.com
Banner Mediation is a lightweight format to scale global reach on any device and works in low bandwidth areas. It’s available with Rewarded Video, Interstitials and Offer Wall advertising formats for a more convenient, one-stop shop for monetisation.
The new format taps into leading exchanges including Facebook, Admob and Inneractive. Through mediation, these ad exchanges can compete for views to ensure maximum eCPMs and fill rates.
Fyber has also offered help in integrating the new banners for apps or other types of content.
In addition, the company announced offer campaigns with mediation partners NativeX and LoopMe for its Rewarded Video and Interstitial ad formats. The move helps to maximise publisher revenue, by adding brand, video and performance campaigns. Fyber says it is now one of the largest mediators with 15 key global ad networks on board.
Robert Weber, CEO and Co-founder, NativeX, says:

“NativeX is thrilled to now offer mobile app developers the powerhouse combination of Fyber’s world class mediation and NativeX’s leading ad technology with Rewarded Video and Interstitials for Android, iOS, and Unity. Through Fyber, NativeX provides simple mediation integration, exceptional eCPM Optimization, access to global ad campaigns thanks to our recent merger with Mobvista, and gorgeous native custom design that breaks through ad blindness to deliver more engaged moments.”