Future of Enterprise Mobile Applications

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Posted: December 8, 2015


According to research conducted by marketing gurus at The Gartner Group, the demand for enterprise mobile apps will soon outstrip companies’ abilities to deliver them – by a rate of 5 to 1. With the proliferation of smartphones racing along at incredible levels, forecasted sales are expected to hit 2.1 billion units by 2019. It would appear that the future of enterprise mobile applications is rosier than it has ever been, so industries seeking to develop enterprise apps for business can be confident that the movement is not only here to stay, but mushrooming at a mind-boggling pace.

More Reasons for Popularity of Enterprise Apps

Mobile applications used within enterprises make it much easier to access and deliver information across the broad spectrum of employees in both local and remote locations, thereby speeding up progress and keeping users well-informed. Workers can even be productive during travel time to and from work, if that time covers more than a few minutes.

Traditional barriers to in-house software development can be avoided by partnering with a vendor specializing in mobile applications development, which can eliminate high costs, avoid long periods of design, development, and testing, and bypass the need for having specialized skills in-house.

A Glimpse into the Future

Industry experts predict that the future of enterprise mobile applications will include some or all of the following aspects. Most companies will have several mobile apps created for them, and they will be needed by all departments within an organization.

The most popular kinds of mobile applications in the future will be sales support apps that allow you to promote products and services to customers, training apps that virtually all companies will want to make use of, internal communication apps that effectively replace the need for memos and internal emails, and Human Resources apps which monitor individual and team effectiveness.

Vipin Jain, CEO of leading mobile application development company predicts, “Large numbers of companies will embrace the shift to mobile applications in the future, and they will permeate every department within an organization”. In short, enterprise mobile applications are the future of business.

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