Fraud and transparency issues top leading concerns for mobile programmatic marketers

Whilst marketers may be keen to trade mobile ads 100% programmatically, they’re concerned about high fraud levels and a lack of transparency. According to a survey by Iotec, conducted by OnePoll, among 500 UK marketers, 62% of respondents plan to increase their programmatic ad spend over the coming 12 months.
The main reason for companies to invest more in programmatic mobile ads were transparency (27%) as well as a shift of their target audience to mobile (23%) and improvement of the user experience on apps (22%).

In addition, a majority of respondents (81%) said they understood the mobile programmatic landscape, compared to 18% who are not entirely clear on programmatic. Overall, many marketers admit that mobile programmatic is rather complex.
A third of marketers find programmatic just as confusing on mobile as it is on desktop, whilst 41% said the format was more complex on mobile. Indeed, mobile is a less mature platform than desktop. It lacks cookie tracking and though it provides wide scope for advertisers to experiment, the results aren’t always very transparent.
Usage concerns aside, marketers expressed a range of issues they’re facing with programmatic. 29% of respondents consider viewability to be a major worry, whilst fraud tops the list for 33% of marketers.

When it comes to mobile advertising fraud, 50% of marketers said they were very concerned, whilst 41% expressed some concern.
Since transparency is a recurring issue for many programmatic marketers, Iotec asked respondents where they would like to see more of it. Fifty percent of marketers would like to see more transparency on pricing, followed by viewability (44%) and media placement (41%). Just 18% of advertisers demand added transparency on how ad platforms could help improve campaigns.

Tech platforms take note! Marketers said that a lack of transparency, but also a stronger performance and better results with a competitor were the main reasons to change ad tech provider.
Lower platform fees were an enticing option for 17% if respondents and 10% of marketers would swap to pursue greater return on investment.

Iotec recommends that marketers insist on transparency, but also protect themselves from fraud. The report concludes:

The only way we will see the mobile programmatic space grow in the way that it has potential to, is by addressing these challenges head on and ensuring your selected partners can demonstrate full transparency, have third party accreditation to give you peace of mind and have the expertise internally to really add value beyond merely reporting on results, but what those results mean and how these may impact on the rest of the marketing strategy.

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