Fortnite black-out event most viewed gaming event on Twitter and Twitch

Anne Freier | October 28, 2019

App Business

Epic Games’ “The End” event for Fortnite was the most viewed gaming event on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube – ever.

The event marked the launch of the game’s 11th season. With it, Fortnite launched a redesigned map.

According to Epic Games, the maker of the popular online game, the two-day, black hole event attracted seven million views. It was a stunt designed to suck 250 million players into a dark abyss.

On Twitter, the event clocked 50.7 million minutes and attracted a whopping 42.8 million views. A total of 1.4 million viewers remained glued to their screens on the micro-blogging website.

On Twitch, over 1.7 million people tuned into the official Fortnite stream or third-party streams. Epic told The Verge that this marks “the platform’s peak concurrent record on a single game category”.

YouTube attracted even more views at 4.3 million.

Epic has yet to share how many players joined the event in-game, but it’s likely to have attracted a significant proportion of players.

The event demonstrates how much impact a carefully designed and daring marketing stunt can have.

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