Forrester Research shares ranking of top retail apps

Shopping apps are becoming more than just smaller versions of a brand’s or retailer’s website to fit a mobile screen.

According to a ranking by Forrester Research, Home Depot came out top in a study of the top mobile app retailers due to offering strong functionality and excellent user experience – going beyond what is traditionally expected from shopping apps.

The home improvement chain’s app combines a digital customer service agent that helps shoppers visualise the store. It also tracks inventory of products in stock.

Search results on the app are further sorted using advanced filtering tools to allow users to find answer to more difficult questions, and product pages include a Q&A section from shoppers. Additionally, the app includes features such as augmented reality, 360-degree views and video buying guides.

Sephora’s app ranked second highest in terms of functionality and user experience. The app was praised for its consistent design, easy-to-use search results and interaction cues. It also includes a section that lets users post pictures of themselves to see what a product may look like on them.

Forrester also commended Walmart for its detailed store map, however, the app included unclear headers and a confusing filter section which ultimately resulted in a lower experience score.

Other apps ranking in the top 10 included Target, Macy’s, Walmart, REI, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s.

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