For majority of marketers influencer strategies continue to grow in importance

Anne Freier | April 4, 2019


A majority of marketers (66%) ran three or more influencer marketing campaigns in 2018 whilst more than a quarter ran five or more campaigns, according to a new study by Linqia.

The report highlights that influencer marketing is no longer just a novelty marketing strategy, but instead ranked third in importance for digital marketers. Whilst social media marketing and online video still dominate, influencer marketing outscored programmatic and direct buys in importance.

In line with increasing focus on influencer marketing, budgets are rising and 39% of respondents said they planned to increase their budgets in 2019.

Additionally, 42% of marketers shifted their tactic to an always-on strategy in 2018. Linqia expects more marketers to actively recruit influencers throughout 2019.

Management of influencers can be a cumbersome process, but 26% of marketers are now using partners to manage influencers for them, another 34% manage them in-house.

Engagement continues to be the key measurement metric for 89% of marketers, followed by impressions (67%) and brand awareness (65%).

Unsurprisingly, Instagram continues to be the dominant platform for influencer marketing in 2018 for 68% of marketers, followed by Facebook (51%). However, usage of Pinterest and YouTube increased, whilst Reddit, TikTok and LinkedIn could be seeing increasing usage in 2019.

Over half of marketers (57%) also admitted that influencer content outperformed brand-created content and 38% are looking to repurpose influencer content in the future.

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