Flipboard presents mobile video ads with cinema loop

Flipboard, the mobile magazine app, recently launched its new generation of mobile video advertising – Video Ads with Cinema Loop. The ads generate an animated, eye-catching moment from the advertiser’s video to capture the initial attention of a mobile user. If the viewer decides to watch the full length video all they need to do is tap play, offering a better experience for both brands and consumers.
Flipboard releases Video Ads with Cinema Loop
Source: flipboard.com
Among its first clients to test ride the new Video Ads with Cinema Loop is Machine Zone’s Game of War. Over 70m monthly Flipboard users will be able to tap the video to view. In addition, the app indexes articles by topic, which allows brands to target specific areas of interest, ensuring their ads are reaching the right audience.
Dave Huynh, Head of advertising products, Flipboard, explains:

“Data shows that when users actively select to watch a video there’s higher brand lift created than in typical autoplay scenarios. Cinema Loop is designed to spark interest, encouraging the viewer to watch the whole video. And because this is hand-selected clip from the campaign video, Cinema Loop is a simple but powerful approach. I believe this will become the most effective form of video advertising on mobile.”

Brands can specify the clips they’d like to showcase in the preview of their video ads. Flipboard then processes the request. Cinema Loops also come with short descriptions and call-to-actions. In addition, Flipboard offers engagement analytics to measure tap as well as call-to-action rates. Video ads are charged per engagement or impression.
Whilst only available to mobile users right now, the company has plans to expand Cinema Loops to the rest of the platform.

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