Five Steps to choose the Most Efficient Mobile App Marketing Agency

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Partner Post - Dot Com Infoway - Pushing Your App To The Forefront

Posted: February 11, 2016

Dot Com Infoway is a provider of mobile app marketing and app development services that was founded in 2000. Venkatesh C.R. is the Managing Director and CEO. A young veteran in the Indian IT circle, Venkatesh has been an active digital entrepeneur since 1996. In addition to Dot Com Infoway, he founded the Galatta Media content business and co-founded Magzter, a leading cross-platform digital magazine store, newsstand and ebook platform, which has raised $13m of funding to date. Venkatesh C.R. leads by example and believes that, with sincere and relentless hard work, “Everything is possible, especially the impossible”.
App developers with their sights set on the market have a lot of information to consider, and it can be more confusing than it needs to be. What we’ve learned from our clients – and we’re always learning in our relationships – is that they really want to know what the most efficient, effective and streamlined strategies are for bringing their product to the market, and how to evaluate their agency choices. We’ve looked at five areas in which knowing what to look for, and getting agency selection right, will position you well from the beginning and keep you a step ahead of the competition as your app launch takes off!
Begin at the beginning, but think end-to-end
Some client conversations begin at the concept stage, with entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas they’re ready to explore – and usually, the investment in doing so. Other conversations with potential clients emphasize the marketing aspects alone, because their app is ready to go or, in some cases, needs more support and savvy than they’ve been able to achieve alone or with another agency. A good agency will meet you where you are, but we recommend end-to-end process thinking for mobile app marketing. The sooner that our creative team is engaged and we’re collaborating with you, the better the results!
Nomenclature and Discovery: It’s all in the name
Choosing a name for your app may seem simple enough, and sometimes it is. Usually, though, we can’t stress enough how important nomenclature can be so that your app is differentiated from others on the market. Your app name reflects the appeal you want to present to customers, the creativity you’ve invested in their positive experience, and the messaging links that will help them find your app in the first place. An efficient and agile marketing agency will have smart answers to your questions about app discovery, and metrics to support them when discussing how to name and position your app so that your brand is highly visible and connects with the right market niches – the end game for app installs.
Research and Roadmaps for the Journey
Once you’ve established this basic framework, any app marketing agency you choose must be able to show you a complete roadmap for success – and the market research that backs up both the timeline and the strategies you’ll be implementing within it. Remember that both you and the agency you choose want efficiency in the process, so be sure that you’re comfortable with that mutual relationship from the outset. That’s because the roadmap, with all the research about publishers, mobile ads, promotions, social media strategies and more, provides a framework for the team approach – and you’ll be sticking with making it work, but it’s not rigid either. Change is the only constant in the mobile-driven market, so make sure you choose an agency that’s as focused on your success as it is on following the roadmap.
Publishing and Promotions
This is where experience and connections matter, and you’ll want to go with an app marketing agency that has both. Bringing success to your app launch requires access to publishing partners that not every marketing provider delivers – but it also depends on deep insights about those publishers, and how they fit into your overall marketing success. That’s true in a slightly different way when you consider options for promoting your app, targeting customers on social media, choosing discounts or event-driven installs. A good app marketing agency will know that these issues are ongoing, meaning that they’re in for the long run and will continue to reassess options, and leverage them, long past your launch date.
Customer experience and continued care
Does the app marketing agency that you’re considering sound like they care as much about your future customers – or your current ones – as they do about landing your business? They should, because a good agency will view them as the same thing in many respects. Be sure that you both agree that how you define “efficiency” includes the viewpoint of end-users, their experience, and how you’ll continue to engage and delight them after they’ve installed that new app. If the marketing agency thinks of your app launch as an endpoint for a done deal, keep looking for one that understands they work for your clients!
For more ideas about choosing an efficient and effective app marketing agency, or to see some of the specific ways that Dot Com Infoway streamlines app launch success, check the DCI website.

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