Fashion retailers are seeing increase in mobile shoppers

Anne Freier | March 8, 2019

App Business

Fashion eCommerce sites saw revenue-per-visits from mobile devices increase 38% in 2018 compared to 33% from desktops, according to new research from Nosto.

Conversion rates (CR) on mobile devices increased from 1.2% in Q1 2018 to 1.5% in Q4 compared to 2.2% to 2.7% on desktops.

At the same time, cart abandonment remained stable, arguably signalling the need for retailers to continue to improve personalisation.

Global traffic to fashion sites was dominated by smartphones with Nordic region customers relying more heavily on their mobile devices (63.1%) compared to France (46.8%). In the UK, traffic to fashion sites from smartphones was 61.1%.

The average basket size was higher on desktops (2.45) compared to mobile devices (2.13).

When it comes to conversion rates, mobile still trails desktop (1.32% to 2.44%). However, fashion retailers in the UK saw higher than average conversion rates at 2.9% on desktop and 1.6% on mobile. France saw some of the lowest conversion rates on mobile (0.9%).

“UK fashion retailers are clearly winning when it comes to converting traffic into sales,” said James White, Head of UK & IE at Nosto. “One of their big current challenges now is how to encourage shoppers to increase their order values by buying higher value items.”

Global average order values were €104 on desktop and €90 on mobile. In the US, mobile average order values (€111) are quickly closing the gap to desktops (€118).

“One way to start to foster more sales of higher-priced merchandise is to ensure that shoppers are at least seeing higher quality, higher value alternatives to the items they’re browsing onsite,” White added. “If they don’t see them, they definitely won’t be buying them.”

Fashion shoppers tend to browse for products for an average 164 seconds on mobile devices globally and 239 seconds on desktops. Interestingly, US shoppers have some of the lowest browsing times, yet some of the highest average order values worldwide, making them the most efficient shoppers.

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