Facebook wants your views and launches Viewpoints app

Anne Freier | November 27, 2019

App Business

Facebook is desperate to understand how people are using its app and possibly why they may be abandoning the social network.

To collect opinions, the company just launched Viewpoints which pays users to take surveys.

The launch follows the roll-out of Study – a Facebook app that collected and analysed user data including how much time they spent in-app, the app features they used and their network usage.

But Viewpoints is different. This time, the app doesn’t just follow users around, but asks them to actively participate and share their views.

Users are asked to take part in surveys and research. Facebook has yet to explain how it plans to use the data it collects.

App users collect points with every survey they take which they can turn into payments that are sent using PayPal once a certain threshold is reached.

The social network confirmed it would not sell information to third parties or would share Viewpoint activities.

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