Facebook wants to speed up the loading times of websites to enhance mobile ad experience

Anne Freier | September 1, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Facebook has announced plans to speed up the time it takes for linked websites to load and limit ads accordingly. If a website loads too slowly, it may not deliver the corresponding advert.
Facebook to prefetch websites for faster loading times
Source: facebook.com
The company said in a blog post that a better mobile experience ultimately drive business and made for increased brand likeness. Abandoning a website whilst making a purchase doesn’t benefit anyone, but it happens all too often due to websites not being optimized for mobile devices.
Facebook said:

“Our goal is to give people the best ad experience possible on mobile. By considering website performance and a person’s network connection, we can improve that experience and help drive the outcomes advertisers are looking for.”

The company has suggested a variety of options how advertisers can improve their websites and speed up load times. These include minimizing page redirects, plugins and link shorteners as well as compressing files for shorter rendering times. Server responses can also be utilized across multiple hosting regions. Advertisers should perhaps use quality content delivery networks to reach audiences and remove render-blocking JavaScript.
Up to 40% of consumers regularly abandon a website because it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Facebook will begin to prefetch websites which means that a slow website goes through the Facebook app to pre-load before a user taps a link. That can speed up load times by up to 29%. The feature isn’t exactly new and has been successfully implemented for publisher content. The solution is not an opt-in option, but instead happens automatically.
It seems the great speed-up is on its way as rivals Google and Facebook are both implementing new measures and technologies to ensure their users aren’t switching services because ads may be annoying or in Google’s case abandon the mobile web for faster apps.

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