Facebook users can now find the adverts they recently viewed

Anne Freier | September 21, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Facebook has made it much easier for consumers to retrace the adverts they clicked on. Currently only available in the US, the Recent Ad Activity solution lets users find an ad again after they clicked it previously.
The feature resides within the bookmark sidebar of the social network’s app and desktop sites.
Although exclusive to the US right now, Facebook is considering launching Recent Ad Activity across Europe in the future.
According to the company, the solution shows historical advertising clicks for the past three months. It also includes those ads that users liked, shared or commented on.
According to a Facebook spokesperson, the tool was implemented following user demand. That’s good news for brands and marketers of course. If a consumer clicks through older adverts and makes a purchase, it could drive conversions for retailers without having to run a new campaign.
Consumers may run the risk of their item being out of stock, but I’m sure Facebook is going to enable retailers to label such items in the near future.
Ultimately, the social network could be driving retail and this only plays in its favour as a leading mobile marketing platform.
Additionally, consumers may have previously googled products they saw on Facebook leading to the search engine taking all the credit. Now, they can come straight back to Facebook.

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