Facebook ups video adverts across News Feed

Anne Freier | December 19, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Facebook has recently announced some changes to its video advertising policy. The company plans to promote videos more across its News Feed. In addition, it wants to expand original video content creation to compete more effectively with YouTube.
That also means, in-video adverts are changing.
Facebook is now adding pre-roll mobile video ads, which the social network says will be tested across its dedicated video environments such as the Watch tab.
By adding pre-roll video ads, Facebook is making its platform more appealing to video creators which may have focused on YouTube before.
In updating its News Feed to feature more videos based on user behavioural data, the social network hopes that users will be able to enjoy more of the videos they like to watch. Greater video engagement ultimately means more ad dollars for Facebook.
Maria Angelidou-Smith, the company’s product management director, said in a blog post:

“While News Feed will remain a powerful place for publishers and creators to grow and connect with their audience, over time we expect more repeat viewing and engagement to happen in places like Watch. The Discover tab in Watch will also prioritise shows that people come back to. As new shows build audiences, places like Watch are well suited for people to predictably catch up on the latest episodes and content from their favourite publishers and creators, and engage in a richer social viewing experience.”

In order to encourage creators to publish longer content, Facebook is also abandoning ads in the middle of a video, unless the video is at least three minutes long.
In addition, only pages with over 50,000 followers will be able to insert ads to Live Videos so that advertisers are getting a guarantee that their ads are reaching a significantly sized audience.

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