Facebook updates its reporting tools to measure ad performance

Anne Freier | December 11, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Facebook has launched a couple of updates for its reporting tools that make it easier for advertisers to measure advertising performance on channels and devices.

Whilst these updates may not be particularly interesting for small business advertisers, they’re great additions for larger advertisers looking for a more streamlined overview of their ad performance. Being able to measure ad performance quickly matters when you’ve scheduled multiple ads at the same time.

Among the features are a cross-account reporting and a customised metric building tool.

The features are designed to provide advertisers with extra insights into their cross-channel and cross-device measurement.

They can be easily accessed via the Ads Manager.

The cross-account reporting dashboard displays all your ad account metrics, providing a concise report of performance.

Facebook hopes that this will save marketers valuable time when assessing reports.

Unique reach can also be analysed for each account.

Meanwhile, the custom metric building feature lets advertisers formulate and save custom metrics. Advertisers can also add custom metrics to reports.

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