Facebook to turn off mobile browser support for Messenger app

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Facebook has been busy modifying the way consumers are viewing content on its Messenger app. Until now, it was possible to chat on Messenger using a mobile browser, but that’s about to change. The company has told users that the browser option is about to disappear.
Facebook cuts Messenger support from mobile browser
Source: en-gb.messenger.com
For those who have been avoiding the Messenger app, the install becomes unavoidable if they want to continue chatting with their friends.
So why is Facebook trying to force consumers to use its app?
The company claims that it gives chat users a better experience providing added features and functions such as SMS messaging integration, video and voice calls. A spokesperson also confirmed:

“Since [2014], we’ve worked hard to make Messenger the best way to connect with the people you care about by adding video calling, conversations with businesses, gifs and much more. [Messenger] helps messages load about 20% faster and enables richer interactions.”

While that may be part of the reason, it’s obvious that the move is part of the company’s expansion and advertising strategy. Facebook has been steadily adding to its advertising features on the app and forcing users to tap into two apps (Facebook and Messenger) separately allows it to collect additional user information. Facebook wants to reach as many people as possible and separating its main social media app from Messenger is part of that plan.
At the same time, the company owns WhatsApp and Instagram. So even if users were to leave Messenger in favour of WhatsApp, Facebook is still able to reach those users.
With 1.09bn daily active users, convincing everyone to install Messenger would give Facebook a powerful new platform to reach users and offer attractive advertising options.

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