Facebook to revamp Audience Network for added transparency of mobile ad campaigns

Following global outrage over ads in offensive places, Facebook has been busy revamping its offensive content policy and launched a range of features for marketers to add transparency to the social site’s ad process.
For example, recently the company has considered preventing page administrators from editing the headlines of news content in order to discourage click-baiting tactics.
Last week, it announced a series of new additions to its Audience Network, which will give mobile and digital advertisers even more control over their Instant Articles and in-stream ads.
Over the coming months, Facebook plans to add pre-campaign transparency, which will allow advertisers to view a list of places where their ads could end up being delivered to. The company said in a blog post that it was currently already testing the feature to determine the best configuration for the solution. It hopes to extend the tool to all advertisers soon.
In addition, marketers will be able to blacklist publishers at account level to ensure that their ads aren’t associated with extremist content. Previously, advertisers were able to blacklist publishers. However, the process had to be repeated for each campaign. Blocking at account level makes it even easier to ensure all campaigns by a brand or advertisers are averting affiliation with sites they wish to avoid.
The tool is coming to Audience Network in July, followed by Instant Articles.
Finally, Facebook also announced that advertisers will get to choose their video advertising delivery. More specifically, it plans to enable advertisers to specify placements such as in-stream, native or interstitial.
These additions should allow brands and marketers to regain control over their ad campaigns and block them from appearing alongside content they wish to avoid.

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