Facebook to reduce access to user data for advertisers

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has revealed that it will be reducing the amount of user data that advertiser can use. The social media network said it plans to do so by halting the use of data from third-party aggregators across Facebook.
Third-party data services such as Experian and Oracle had been supplementing Facebook’s own user data for advertisers to use to target. This included consumer purchasing and offline activities. Additionally, that meant third party aggregators were getting some of Facebook’s ad revenue.
The company declared in a statement that it would shut down Facebook ‘Partner Categories’ in an effort to boost user privacy.
As part of a major overhaul of its privacy efforts, Facebook also announced that it was rolling out additional privacy tools for users. The company has launched a redesigned mobile privacy menu that allows them to access all settings from a single place.
The update also includes a shortcut to privacy options. Enhanced security features include two-factor authentications, control over personal information, controlling the adverts they see and managing who sees their posts and information.
The ‘Access Your Information’ tab lets users manage posts, comments and many other things on their profile. Data can also be fully downloaded from a user profile.
In addition, the company plans to update its privacy policy and terms of service in an effort to become more transparent.

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