Facebook to boost digital competencies across EU companies

Facebook announced plans to launch a Europe-wide programme to boost digital competency. The company’s COO Sheryl Sanderberg announced that the programme aims to help EU companies to become equipped with digital competencies.
The company aims to train half a million people and companies online and in person until 2020.
Over the next two years, 300,000 people in Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain and the UK are to receive training through partners. The majority of them will be taught online. Another 75,000 of them will receive coaching in person.
Another 100,000 companies are also receiving the training in person whilst 250,000 will be taught online.
In order to deliver effective in-person training, the company is funding three community hubs in Spain, Poland and Italy and will invest $12.2 million in an artificial intelligence research facility in France. Each training hub will then offer specialist training including digital skills and online safety.
The PR effort is aimed at persuading the EU that the social media network is committed to furthering community interests. It follows multiple antitrust issues which Facebook had been involved in.
In an interview with Reuters, Sandberg said:

“People are worried that the digital revolution is leaving people behind and we want to make sure that we’re investing in digital skills to get people the skills they need to fully participate in the digital economy.”

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