Facebook tests playable mobile app ads in News Feed

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 25, 2018

Mobile app users have slowly warmed to playable app advertising with at least 22.4% deeming them acceptable in 2017 (AdColony survey).
Playable app ads basically allow users to test a gaming app before committing to buy or download it.
Now, Facebook has jumped on the playable app ad bandwagon. The social media company is currently testing its own version of the technology.
The move follows competitor Google, which launched playable in-game ads in March 2018. The company had previously launched a more interactive game ad format back in 2017.
Facebook is currently running tests of the new playable ads in its News Feed. Just a few developers have been invited to the initial test run. However, if all goes well, the social media company will roll out the playable ads to its Audience Network advertising platform and all advertisers in late 2018.
According to the company, people tend to pay more attention to interactive ads compared to non-interactive ones. Indeed, users spend 47% more time with interactive ad formats. This makes them a particularly attractive choice for app advertisers.
Nick Tsimpidaros, CMO of free online gaming website Miniclip, explained:

“When we tested playable ads in the Facebook mobile News Feed against a control video, we could clearly see the effect that the playable mobile app install ad unit has in lowering acquisition cost and qualifying users as it resulted in three times click-through rate, 25% lower cost-per install and 2x the return on ad spend versus the regular video mobile app install control ad.”