Facebook tests cross-posting of Instagram Stories to WhatsApp Status

Facebook is adding a bit of social media to WhatsApp. The company is currently testing how users can post their Instagram Stories directly to WhatsApp as a status update.
Originally confirmed by TechCrunch which had been notified by a reader in Brazil, the Instagram Story to be posted as a WhatsApp Status would also be encrypted in line with the messaging apps’ privacy regulations.
As of right now, the feature is being tested among a select number of users. Indeed, a Brazilian blog also showcased various Instagram to WhatsApp updates.
With over 300 million Stories users, the move further strengthens Instagram platform offering. The app continues to innovate and add new features for users to keep up engagement levels.
By sharing Instagram Stories content to WhatsApp, user content is being circulated further and receiving even more traffic footprint.
At the same time, Facebook will be able to boost engagement with the WhatsApp Status.
Indeed, by cross-linking all of its properties, Facebook is finding ways to ensure that users are spending ever more time within them.
However, the move could potentially backfire. Unless Facebook finds a way to regulate cross-shared content so that users aren’t seeing it twice across multiple apps, app users could get bored and move onto a competitor such as Snapchat.
It remains to be seen if WhatsApp Stories will take off.

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