Facebook tests adverts in Group tabs

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 23, 2019

Facebook appears to be testing ads placed in Group tabs. Group tabs were launched last year in an attempt to make it easier to share interests with like-minded people.

“In a community, you can meet new people who share your values – for some, this might be a support group for new parents. For others, it might be about a disease you have. For others, it might be about finding people to come together and volunteer,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously explained.

Only a select number of advertisers have been invited to join the trial. They will gain access to Group ads via the Ads Manager. Formats are similar to those for News Feed ads and advertisers can set objectives including reach, conversion, and clicks.

A spokesperson confirmed to MarketingLand that the social media network was testing to see if these ads could be of value to businesses and users.

There will be no additional features such as targeting users by Group membership right now.

Although ad revenue at Facebook continues to grow strongly (up 28% to $16.9 billion during Q2 2019), declining media time across the network is sparking fears of a drop in revenue.

The latest test is an attempt by the company to find opportunities to bolster its ad inventory. For many brands, Groups are also turning out to be valuable organic ways to reach audiences.

“Facebook groups present an organic and unique opportunity to drive a deeper level of engagement,” said Alec Piliafas, a social marketing director at 360i. “Creating a group for a brand, you are inviting people to talk about it. There has been a reason and incentive to go to that group versus creating your own.”