Facebook targets Oculus users with VR ads

Facebook wants to incorporate information from Oculus users for its virtual reality (VR) ads.

This will only affect Oculus users who log into their Facebook account. The social media network said it would collect activity from connected users including information on which apps they use. Facebook said this would help the company improve its social features and show more relevant content alongside ads.

Ads could include new VR apps whilst recommendations may involve Oculus Events.

Users who do not log in to Facebook, won’t share their data for third-party ad targeting.

Facebook mentioned the additions in a blog post announcing new first-party social interactions for Oculus Platform users.

Anyone who logs into Facebook from the Oculus Platform can now access chats, user-created events, be able to share media and live-stream videos, join parties and connect via Messenger.

“As these changes roll out and we make it easier for people to connect and build communities in VR, we’ll ask people to log into Facebook from the Oculus Platform to use both the new social features above, as well as existing social features like joining parties, adding friends, and visiting other people’s Homes.”

Because these new features require user to be logged in to Facebook, they will also be allowing their data to be shared for ad targeting.

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