Facebook Stories now has 300 million DAUs – presenting opportunity for advertisers

Anne Freier | September 28, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Facebook just announced that Stories now has 300 million daily active users (DAUs) across its core app and Messenger app. This has potential implications for advertisers who use Stories ads.

The ad format typically includes six second photo or 15 second video ads.

Advertisers can now choose between Facebook News Feed, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories ads.

Facebook also offers optimised targeting and measurement features for its Stories ads, just like it does for its other advertising formats.

According to Facebook, its Stories DAUs are now at 150 million, whilst Messenger Stories had 70 million people. Meanwhile, Instagram now has 400 million DAUs.

The company also announced that Messenger Stories ads would be launched in the coming weeks to enable businesses to reach customers more effectively. Meanwhile, WhatsApp appears to be assessing its own Stories feature called Status.

Although there is some doubt over whether Stories ads can perform similarly well to News Feed ads, KFC recently ran two campaigns using Instagram. The Stories ads resulted in a reduction in cost per view by 58%, decreased CPMs of 19% and a 17% higher view-through rate.

“This is about unlocking the potential on all apps,” said Liz Keneski, Head of research for Facebook Stories. “Instagram Stories is growing, Facebook Stories is growing – we’re not concerned about where people share. We’re not trying to get them to share anywhere, we’re allowing them to choose what the best place is to share for them.”

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