Facebook shows off new cleanly designed, simpler Messenger app

Andy Boxall

In App Business, App Development. October 24, 2018

Facebook has updated its Messenger app with a new, simpler looking design, a refined navigation system, and new features. Messenger 4 is also a work in progress, with more new features coming in the future, including a dark mode.

The navigation tab now has only three choices — Chat, People, and Discover While Chat leads to conversations you’re already having, and now includes a camera shortcut in the top corner, the People tab shows active friends, contacts, and Stories.

Under Discover, users will find Instant Games, news, recently used apps, and also shortcuts to featured Facebook pages. Chat bubbles now have a new gradient color option, which sees colors change was you scroll through conversations.

Promised for the near future, in addition to a dark mode, is an interface that reduces glare from the phone’s screen, much like the blue light filters many devices have for reading at night. Messenger 4 will be available for iOS and Android, and Facebook will gradually release it over the coming weeks.