Facebook SDK leads popular apps like Spotify to crash

Anne Freier | July 13, 2020

App Business

Mobile owners who use Facebook to login to popular apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, TikTok, and Waze apps took to Twitter and co last week to share their frustration as apps kept crashing on login.

The issue was releated to the Facebook iOS SDK.

Facebook developers acknowledged the problem and have since repaired it.

A spokesperson confirmed that the problem was due to a code change, which triggered apps to crash on iOS.

The Down Detector website noted a surge of over 12,000 complaints for Spotify outages in Europe. And the music app received numerous complaints from users.

Users attempted to reinstall the app to get it working but without much luck.

Earlier this year, in May, Facebook experienced similar issues when its SDK caused app outages.

The issue demonstrates just how dependent many smartphone users are on Facebook.

“I don’t even use Facebook, but yet this morning I couldn’t listen to music on Spotify,” said Jake Madders, the director of tech company Hyve Managed Hosting.

“Facebook manages authentication for many different services. Using your Facebook login details, you can access Spotify, Pinterest and many other services. The problem may have occurred when Facebook uploaded a new patch which prevented users from logging into these services. If Facebook’s authentication doesn’t work, then the platforms which use it won’t work either.”

He added that many mobile users were more tightly integrated with the social network than they thought they were.

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