Facebook rolls out playable ads across Audience Network

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 7, 2019

Facebook has tapped into the gaming experience and recently launched interactive playable ads across its Audience Network.

Originally launched back in August, the ad format allows gamers to test a simplified version of a mobile gaming app before committing to download an app.

According to Facebook’s own research, users who first tested an app before downloading it were 60% more likely to open their new game compared to installs from non-playable formats.

Users also tend to spend 47% more time with interactive ad types than non-interactive formats.

Now, the social media network has added playable versions of rewarded video and interstitial formats to its Audience Network.

In addition, Facebook is rolling out new measurement features to monitor when users begin to engage with a playable ad and how active they are in engaging with a certain ad type.

This should provide plenty of information for game developers to understand more about the success of the games they’ve built from a consumer perspective.

With the majority of developers (57%) already in favour of in-app ads due to greater user retention, Facebook may be onto something.