Facebook rolls out new tools for mobile app install ads for developers

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Facebook has announced a series of improvements for its mobile app install ads, which enable developers to advertise their apps across the social network. Dubbed App Event Optimization, the company has rolled out the ability for developers to advertise for actions.
Facebook App Event Optimization
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Source: facebook.com
The network hopes that new features such as ‘Open Link’ or ‘Play Game’ and ‘Use App’ will encourage Facebook users to take such action and ultimately increase ROI for developers. After all, mobile app install ads are based on a cost-per-action model.
For example, if a developer wants to reach users that are more likely to make a purchase in-app, they can run a mobile app install ad that’s optimized for purchase events.
Advertisers can also target their campaigns based on who would be more likely to make a purchase.
Action features include completing a level or registration, launching an app, adding payment information or making a purchase, search and viewing content.
Ultimately, the addition changes the way advertisers bid for ads by placing the value on the action to be taken.
App Event Optimization supports Canvas as well as Dynamic ads and others across the social media network.
Jehan Damji, Product Manager, Facebook, says:
jehan damji

“We’re now aligning a lot closer with what developers have been asking for. It’s about really delivering the right customers to the right apps so developers can continue to grow their business.”

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