Facebook rolls out new mobile ad features for the holiday season

Anne Freier | September 14, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Facebook announced a row of advertising features to boost campaigns during the holiday season. The additional tools include creative overlays and storefronts and a video creation kit.

According to the social media network, 450 million people viewed videos on Black Friday and Thanksgiving in 2017. In order to reach consumers even more effectively this year, Facebook has revamped some of its features.

For starters, the company has expanded its overlays, which allow advertisers to create templates for dynamic ad types and show off their products catalogue-style. Retailers who previously tested the feature noted that return on ad spend increased 40%. Best of all, overlays can be holiday themed.

Facebook also launched a video creation kit that makes it easier for businesses to develop and launch mobile-first videos. This comes in particularly handy for businesses who may not have access to video creation tools.

Furthermore, the company has revamped its collection ads to enable brands to suggest personalised “Suggested for you” and “Most viewed” products. Early testing revealed conversion rates of 9%.

Advertisers can also add their own videos to a collection format or generate a video that shows off their product catalogue.

The move is in line with Facebook’s continued effort to bolster its e- and mCommerce ambitions and sharpen its focus on personalised ads.

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