Facebook rolls-out new reach and frequency features for app install campaigns

Facebook has announced a few new features for its app install ads, including the ability to manage the frequency and reach of campaigns.
App advertisers now have the ability to set their app campaigns to reach a specific number of Facebook users and cap the frequency at a specific number of impressions. For instance, a developer could target its app at three million users, and choose to display the ad to each user five times during the campaign. Facebook says this feature will work best with brand awareness campaigns, such as new app launches and new app feature announcements.
Facebook’s new reach and frequency dashboard

Facebook is also rolling out autoplay on app video advertisements. This means app video ads – like other videos on Facebook – will now play on automatically without sound in users’ news feed.
In a blog post, Facebook said:

With more and more people uploading, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook, marketers are finding video to be an important asset to drive key business metrics. Moving forward, when eligible, video mobile app ads will play automatically in News Feed. Additionally, mobile app advertisers are now able to purchase mobile app ads with video creative through Power Editor.

Finally Facebook also announced a new token for developers, which makes it easier to track users across different apps owned by the same company. This token is not an ID and not usable with Graph, but it should be beneficial to companies with multiple titles, such as game publishers, who want to cross promote to their combined user base.
For more information on the new features check out Facebook’s official announcement.

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