Facebook rips off Snapchat again – introduces Stories 24 hour videos and photos

It seems Facebook has taken yet another page out of Snapchat’s playbook and introduced videos and photos that disappear within 24 hours.
It’s the fourth time the social media giant has copied its smaller competitor Snap Inc, whose app allows users to send photos and videos that can also be embellished with masks and other filters.  In addition, Facebook has also dubbed the feature “Stories”, which is the same name Snapchat has used since 2013.
The company rolled out its first Snapchat Stories clone on Instagram in August 2016, followed by Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It seems the format is working well for the company, despite the obvious comparisons to Snapchat.
Conor Hayes, product manager at Facebook, agrees:

“This is something that Snapchat has really pioneered. Stories has become a format for people to share and consume immersive video and photo across all social apps, and it really differs for them based on the network they have or the way that they use a certain app.'”

Similar to Snapchat, Facebook users will also be able to decorate their images with creative stickers and drawings. There are only some minor differences to Snapchat, such as swipe direction.

Meanwhile, Snap Inc has been trying to do some damage control by reflecting on the different audiences across the two social media sites. Indeed, Snapchat has a predominantly young user group. But then again, Facebook has a whopping 1.86 billion users (compared to Snapchat’s 301 million) which ultimately means more power.

Snap Inc’s stocks dropped 6% following the news.

Facebook said the feature addition is a direct result of the success it has seen on Instagram. The Stories tool is now being used by over 150 million people daily.
Hayes added that Stories may encourage the sharing of some content which isn’t advertise getting through to the news feed. Ultimately, it appears that Facebook wants to push daily usage.
There’ll be no advertising until the feature has proven successful on Facebook.
Brian White, Analyst at Drexel Hamilton, believes that Snapchat is essentially receiving praise:

“We believe Snap has a cachet with the millennial crowd that will be difficult for other platforms to garner. Facebook announcements are a strong endorsement of Snap’s innovative products and creative vision.”

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