Facebook reviews marketing partners who collect Instagram user data

Facebook has begun to review its marketing partners in an effort to identify those who abuse data. The move will affect Instagram according to the social network.

Late last week, the company released emails that shared details on cases of data brokering from 2015 and 2016, according to AdAge.

The company claims that it was not fully aware of the circumstances and provided extensive details on how employees had responded.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced, Facebook has been tightening its review of developers using API, which lets companies use the social network’s tools for their own products.

Last week, it announced that it would review hundreds of marketing partners in response to a piece by Business Insider identifying marketers that appear to collect Instagram user data.

Facebook has now taken action against marketing partners including Storrito, Sked Social and Stackla which performed scraping – a form of data gathering and collection from sites such as Instagram.

The company wrote in an email:

“Scraping violates our policies. We have taken action against several of these companies and are investigating the rest. This is an industry-wide problem. At Facebook we’re taking the following steps: developing more proactive data-scraping detection methods and conducting a review of our Facebook Marketing Partners. We know these efforts won’t catch every violation, but they will help.”

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