Facebook releases apps aimed at teens

Anne Freier | September 23, 2019

App Business

Facebook is trying hard to keep teens entertained. According to The Information a subsidiary of the social media giant called New Product Experimentation released two new apps aimed at teens.

The New Product Experimentation team was launched in June 2019 to drive new experiences for building communities.

Called Bump and Aux, the apps initially turned up in Apple’s App store in Canada. Bump is a dating app for high school students and Aux provides integration of Spotify and Apple Music so people can listen to the same music.

Facebook hopes that such roll-outs could help the company stay competitive. Younger age groups tend to prefer other social media platforms such as Snapchat according to surveys.

Both apps launched in August, but Aux has since been removed because it was only downloaded 1,000 times.

The social network said that New Product Experimentation apps would be removed quickly if they weren’t proving useful.

However, apps won’t only cater to teens in the teens and Facebook hopes to expand its portfolio.

So far, Facebook has failed to produce its own successful apps and instead relied on the acquisition of third-party apps.

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