Facebook partners with mobile ad networks on new Analytics for Apps feature

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Facebook has announced it’s working with at least a dozen mobile advertising networks on its new Analytics for Apps service, but not with those operated by Google, Twitter or Apple, which are also major Facebook competitors. The networks which are involved with Facebook haven’t been officially revealed, but according to AdExchanger, they include Millenial Media, InMobi, AppLift, AppLovin, Fyber, and Supersonic. According to an anonymous source speaking to the publication, this gives Facebook the chance to see 60% of the available mobile display inventory in the United States.
There’s a good reason why Facebook’s competitors aren’t desperate to adopt the new Analytics for Apps feature. It would mean revealing a considerable amount of usually private information regarding audiences and partners, along with key data on lifetime user value and eCPM stats.
An example of Facebook’s Analytics for Apps
Facebook Analytics for Apps
What are they missing out on? Analytics for Apps pulls together information on how users engage with apps, when they stop paying attention, repeat visits, and how marketing campaigns are performing. It’s built around Facebook’s cross device ID stamp, and enhances the social network’s ad campaign creation platform.
Facebook says it doesn’t intend to replace companies such as Kochava, Tune, and Apsalar – which offer similar services – and will continue to work with them. However, many of these companies provide something which Facebook’s Analytics for Apps won’t – data at device level ID, something Facebook collects but won’t be revealing.
You can learn more about Facebook’s Analytics for Apps here, or visit this page to give the demo app a try.

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