Facebook makes users feel anxious, whilst Snapchat inspires creativity

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 24, 2019

Snapchat tends to make people feel “silly”, whilst Facebook is associated with loneliness and Twitter with anxiety, according to new research by Apposphere commissioned by Snapchat.

Based on the answers of 1,000 app users aged 16-44 years in the UK, the research provides insights into which apps users choose to use and why.

The study found that Instagram, for example, makes users feel inspired, but also self-conscious highlighting concerns over social media use. Meanwhile, Facebook is associated with feeling lonely and self-conscious, anxious and isolated, but also informed and connected.

Users main motivations to use Facebook included talking to friends and sharing photos.

YouTube scored generally positively among respondents with feelings of curiosity, captivation, excitement, feeling informed, entertained and inspired. Respondents said they used the platform to mainly learn about new topics and new products of interest.

Similarly, Snapchat is seen as a platform for creativity, and evoked responses such as attractive, flirtatious, silly, playful and spontaneous. Like Facebook, it is used to talk to friends and share photos mostly.

Interestingly, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter were also dominantly used to follow influencers and celebrities.