Facebook launches video advertising programme for Watch

Anne Freier | February 28, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Facebook has launched its new premium video advertising programme called Showcase, which provides access to online video inventory for its Watch video-on-demand service.

In-stream ads on Facebook have already proven effective with more than 70% being viewed to completion.

Although Showcase is still restricted to US audiences, advertisers can already become familiar with features such as In-Stream Reserve, Reserve categories and sponsorships.

In-Stream Reserve ads are selected from engaging, quality publishers, are bought in advance and delivered to in-target audiences verified by Nielsen.

In-Stream Reserve Categories enable advertisers to choose content packages across categories such as fashion/beauty, sports or entertainment.

“In-stream Reserve on Facebook has provided us another great opportunity to reach engaged audiences with our advertising,” explained Andrew Hotz, EVP Worldwide Digital Marketing, Warner Brothers. “On a recent film campaign, the In-stream Reserve placements drove a 45-point incremental lift in ad recall. Now with Showcase, we’ll have the added benefit of advance planning with in-stream reserve inventory.”

By Sponsoring a video, advertisers become the exclusive sponsor for content, picking individual shows they wish to add their ads to.

Facebook also said it partnered with MTV Studios for an interactive series and added new shows to Watch, including “Human Discoveries”, starring Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick.

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