Facebook launches option to watch mobile videos on TV screens

Anne Freier | October 17, 2016


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Facebook has rolled out a new feature which potentially could be boosting the social media platform’s mobile advertising revenue even further.
It now lets users connect their AirPlay devices to Apple TV and Google Chromecast to Google Cast devices in order to stream news feed videos on television.
Facebook launches option to watch mobile videos on TV screens
Source: newsroom.fb.com
It’s already available on iOS. Users simply tap the TV button on a video in their news feed and then select the streaming device. As a bonus, users can continue to use Facebook whilst streaming the video on TV. That makes is different from previous connections which have allowed consumers to connect their mobile device content to TV by simply enlarging the screen.
Youtube and Periscope, two of Facebook’s major competitors in the video space, have similar ambitions and already offer solutions for streaming content on bigger screens including TV.
It seems that Facebook is playing catch-up. However, the strategy will surely entice mobile advertisers who have been keen to get their videos ads in front of Facebook’s billion-heavy audience.
For now, mobile remains the platform’s chief source of revenue, but TV and also VR could soon become the new kids on the block.

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