Facebook launches new tools for retailers to drive foot traffic from mobile advertising campaigns

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Facebook is changing the way retailers can measure the success of their mobile campaigns to drive more people into stores. The company just rolled out a set of new metrics to measure a consumer’s shop visit and in-store sales after s/he has seen a Facebook mobile ad campaign.
Facebook adds mobile metrics for brick-and-mortar businesses
Source: facebook.com
As part of the new ad format, Facebook has launched Local Awareness ads which aim to drive traffic to shop locations. The campaigns will pinpoint the closest shops and come equipped with Calls to Action such as “Get Directions” to help consumers find a retailer more conveniently.
Facebook claims its shop locator is easier to use compared to those on many business websites and optimised for mobile devices. It shows a map of all the locations of a single advertised business. Users can view maps in the advert and see the address, opening times, phone number, website and even an estimated travel time for each shop.
Alicia Howard, Head of Social Media and Digital Content, Tesco, said:
alicia howard

“One of our key marketing objectives is to make Tesco advertising ‘helpful’ for our customers. Local Awareness adverts allow us to show people relevant products and offers at the Tesco shops that are convenient for them, which is key to delivering on the promise of ‘helpfulness’. The new shop locator functionality builds on this capability and stands out as a great example of how advertising formats can adapt to how people are using their mobile devices.”

Through its new Facebook API dubbed Offline Conversions API, Facebook can match transaction data from its consumer database to a point-of-sale system with Facebook’s advertising data. Businesses get to see real-time transaction results as they happen in-store or over the phone, gain demographic insights and optimise their mobile campaigns.
Businesses can also choose to work with partners IBM, Index, Invoca, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo and Square to match transaction data to customer data sets.
Saumil Mehta, Customer Engagement Lead, Square, adds:
saumil mehta

“It’s critical for small businesses with lean budgets to understand the return on each dollar spent on digital marketing. By syncing their Square sales data with Facebook campaigns, sellers can finally see which sales came from customers who viewed their Facebook adverts.”

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