Facebook launches market research app to study how consumers use apps

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 13, 2019

Facebook has launched a new market research app in order to better understand how consumers are using apps.

The Study app collects and analyses user data once installed such as a person’s installed apps, the time they spent using an app, app features and network usage.

The social network added that it would not be collecting sensitive user data such as IDs, passwords, photos, videos or messages. In addition, the data is strictly used for research purposes and as such not sold on to third-parties for advertising.

Facebook is paying users for their participation. Only those aged 18+ are able to apply.

The Study app succeeds the Facebook Research version which came under scrutiny when it launched for collecting user information from children and paying them $20 a month.

This time around, the company has placed greater value on transparency.

“Approaching market research in a responsible way is really important. Transparency and handling people’s information responsibly have guided how we’ve built Study from Facebook. We plan to take this same approach going forward with other market research projects that help us understand how people use different products and services,” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook Study is only available on Google Play in the US and India to begin with.