Facebook launches Canvas ads for creative, rich media, mobile-only campaigns

Anne Freier | February 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Facebook has officially rolled out Canvas ads – a more immersive way to view ads on mobile. Canvas ads open as a full-screen, rich media ad in News Feed. The company has previously tested a similar format as Instant Articles with the goal to decrease ad load times on mobile devices.
Facebook launches Canvas Ads
Source: canvas.facebook.com
With the average website page having grown 3x in 2015 compared to 2011, many users abandon the page when it takes too long to load. Canvas ads have been designed to load instantly.
Canvas ads include interactive elements such as carousels, product catalouges as well as animations and videos. Mobile users can swipe through carousels, zoom in and out of images and tilt to view panoramic content. Advertisers get to build their own campaigns using similar self-serve tools to Facebook’s traditional advertising. Ads can also be targeted to different demographics.
There are no additional costs for businesses and Facebook reassured that the feature wouldn’t lead to more ads on Facebook News Feed. However, Canvas ads are mobile-only the company emphasised.
Chris Jones, Head of Creative Technology, Facebook Creative Shop, says:
chris jones

“We made the creative community a priority when we designed and built Canvas. It’s a product that represents our commitment to creative craft and delivering the best mobile experience for businesses and people.”

During testing, Facebook noted that 53% of users who opened a Canvas ad viewed at least half of it, at an average 31 seconds.
ASUS recently created a Canvas ad during the 2015 holiday season which experienced a 42% rise in clicks with the average consumer spending 12 seconds longer to view content. 70% of people who clicked on the Canvas ad moved on to view ASUS’s website.
ASUS Canvas ad
Source: facebook.com
Facebook’s latest mobile ad features further emphasise the company’s focus on storytelling. By offering clients richer formats to play with, customers are more likely to remember their ads, whilst experiencing fast load times. Facebook has stated an interest to roll out Canvas ads for Instagram too.

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