Facebook launches Avatars to boost engagement

Anne Freier | April 24, 2020

App Business

Facebook has officially rolled out its Avatars in Europe.

Resembling Snapchat Bitmojis, the stickers can be used by anyone in chats and comments.

They were launched in 2019, but hadn’t been available to European users at the time.

Users can create their own avatars and share them across the News Feed or in Messenger.

Facebook said the feature was aimed at users trying to make their engagements more fun on the social network.

They’re essentially more personalised emojis. That doesn’t make them a highly sought after addition, but they could still lend a bit of individuality to each post.

Rival Snapchat has taken Bitmojis even further and launched a dedicated TV channel to air weekly episodes featuring the animated cartoon characters.

It’s not clear whether Facebook will go to the same lenghts. 

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