Facebook launches AR glasses in collaboration with Ray Ban

Anne Freer | September 13, 2021

App Business

Facebook is launching a line of AR glasses together with Ray Ban.

The stylish glasses disguise the fact that users could be recording whatever they see.

Called Ray Ban Stories will be available in three different styles including the traditional ‘Wayfarer’ style that Ray Ban is well-known for.

But built into the frame is a camera that lets users record whatever is happening all around them. In this way, they can capture experiences without having to get out their phones and record.

In this sense, glasses make for a more immersive experience because users don’t need to interrupt what they’re doing.

The Stories glasses feature a 5 megapixel camera and include an open-ear speaker so users can listen to music or even take phone calls.

It would be interesting to see how disruptive such a feature may be to other people, given that noise pollution because of technological devices is already a huge problem.

Not only that, there could be potentially huge privacy issues in the future over such glasses as bypassers may object to their images being recorded and shared online without their consent.

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