Facebook launches app that lets you see when contacts are available for calls

As COVID-19 lockdowns are reshaping the way we speak to one another, new apps are flooding the market to make digital communication more accessible and easier to fit into our lives.

Now, Facebook’s NPE Team is launching an app that lets people check in with their friends and families by finding out when they’re available to talk.

Called CatchUp, the app is being launched at a time when people are increasingly using video, messaging, and audio to connect to their friends.

Facebook research has found that audio is still the best way to connect, yet many people avoid calls because they fear it may be an inconvenience.

CatchUp makes it easier to engage in group calls as well.

The way it works is simple. Users can simply indicate when they’re available to talk and speak to loved-ones who are available on the app.

This avoids having to schedule calls and makes spontaneous conversations more accessible.

Group calls can be arranged in the same way – just open the app and see who’s available.

For now, Facebook is still testing the app with a small audience of IOS and Android users in the US, but hopes to launch it soon.

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