Facebook is testing successive Stories ads on Instagram

Instagram has been testing successive Stories ads from different advertisers. A spokesperson told AdAge that the company was exploring whether back-to-back Stories ads from multiple brands could make the advertising experience more seamless for its users.

Only a small number of users would be seeing the ads initially. This allows Instagram to test the water.

The move may come in response to some users complaining about increasing ad load. Marketing Land previously reported that marketers had seen an upsurge in ads on Instagram. They reported that one in four posts were ads.

Back in July, Peter Stringer, an ad consultant, told Marketing Land the increase in ads was likely due to a shortage of inventory across Facebook.

“What I’m seeing lately is that retargeting campaigns generally carry a higher CPM than just a cold traffic or even conversion campaigns. But ultimately, it’s all about the cost to acquire a customer and make a sale, and what the eventual return on that ad spend looks like in the short term, and over the lifetime value of a customer,” he said.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that ad load fluctuated depending on the number of people using Instagram. “We closely monitor people’s sentiment both for ads and overall commerciality,” the spokesperson added.

For Facebook, it’s likely all about testing the frequency of Instagram Stories ads to see what will work well in the future.

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