Facebook is testing brand collaborations on Instagram

Anne Freier | December 20, 2019


Facebook has launched a Brand Collabs Manager marketplace tool which allows brands to search for Instagram creators to collaborate with.

It’s not exactly clear how marketers will be able to search for influencers or whether there’s a limit on how many they can approach.

The tool has previously only been available for Facebook.

The latest roll-out ensures that the largest influencer platform is finally pairing up content marketers with creators.

The Brand Collabs Manager allows Instagram creators to search for brands that align with their values. They can look at new deals, manage their partnerships and also share insights into their post engagements.

Facebook is also making it easier for brands to monitor insights when they’re tagged in branded content in the Brand Collabs Manager or the Instagram app.

Influencer networks have become such an important part of marketing on Instagram, that Graph API continues to receive support.

At the same time, the social network is updating its policies to include clear rules for the promotion of products such as alcohol, tobacco and vaping products. Under the new guidelines, branded content to promote these products (including weapons) will no longer be allowed.

Enforcement will begin over the coming weeks and special restrictions will apply.

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