Facebook is testing adverts in Groups for advanced targeting

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Facebook has begun to test ads in Groups. That means some users across Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand will be seeing adverts that have been arranged as part of a Group topic and targeted to the specific user.
Facebook rolls out ads in Groups
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Source: groups.fb.com
The company confirmed that it was running the trials across mobile and desktop environments to TechCrunch:

We have started to test delivering ads to people in Facebook Groups, and will be evaluating the response before determining how we will move forward.

The addition could be very lucrative for Facebook. Groups have grown rapidly to over a billion users partially due to businesses and brands being able to create their own. Group members are valuable when it comes to targeting. Liking a page is easy, but joining a group signals that someone is particularly interested in something. Facebook advertisers can tap into that knowledge and target audiences accordingly.
In addition, Facebook may also begin to target Marketplace users with specific ads, which could encourage eCommerce on the site to flourish.
The social media company has been busy testing new advertising feature as it nears maximum advertising load by the middle of next year. Innovations include live video adverts and Workplace which allows businesses to utilise Facebook as an interactive working environment. Adding Groups to the mix is likely helping to spread some of that advertising load.

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